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Kilsby Sinkhole

Sinkhole Gin is inspired by one of South Australia’s most unique natural wonders.

Hidden away on farming land, in a corner of the Limestone Coast, is Kilsby Sinkhole.


Renowned for its natural beauty and crystal-clear water, this grand old lady gives up her secrets when the sun breaks through the clouds, illuminating the 30-metre deep limestone chamber with brilliant cobalt blue rays of light.


It’s a sight that stays with you, long after you’ve left.


Protected from the elements, Kilsby Sinkhole contains the purest and clearest water that has been limestone filtered for thousands of years. Special water for a special gin.


The sinkhole has been a way of life for four generations of the Kilsby family.


Once upon a time, buckets were hauled down into its depths by farmers raising water for animals to drink.

For the Kilsby kids, it was the ultimate summer playground, a unique natural swimming pool that had to be seen to be believed.


It was the 1950s before news of the amazing sinkhole on the Kilsby property spread, with recreational divers flocking to the site to be the first to explore its depths.


Over the decades, the sinkhole has attracted cave divers from across the world and acted as a valuable training ground to SAPOL police divers.


The sinkhole is now recognised as one of the Limestone Coast region’s most beautiful natural wonders, ranking up there with Mount Gambier’s famous Blue Lake and Umpherston Cave.


In coming months, the sinkhole will be open to the public and you can see for yourself what a special place it is.

Sinkhole Gin is designed to capture a little bit of that Kilsby Sinkhole magic.


We’ve sought to emulate that incredible light phenomenon, which has wowed visitors the world over, through our bottle design.

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