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Our Gin

Sinkhole Gin is a celebration of the Limestone Coast region.

You may have heard the phrase, ‘clear as gin’. An essential ingredient of gin is good old-fashioned water and what could be better than the purest, limestone-filtered water, direct from the aquifer supplying Mount Gambier’s most unique sinkhole.

What gives Sinkhole Gin it’s floral, aromatic nose and smooth finish?

The real hero is muntries, a tiny native cranberry or ‘emu apple’, which grow wild along the South Australian coastline and were once a staple of the Ngarrindjeri and Boandik diet.

The taste has been described as being like ‘apple and rhubarb crumble’, so let that mental image whet your appetite.

Sourced through a local nursery for our first batch of Sinkhole Gin, we’ve taken on the ambitious task of planting more than 100 bushes on the property alongside the sinkhole, so fruit for future batches will be grown right on site.

IMG_4254 - web.jpg

To complete the picture, we’ve carefully selected native Australian botanicals – a little juniper here, lashings of honey there, a pinch of lime zest, a dash of lemon myrtle and strawberry gum. Add in chamomile, cinnamon and coriander and hello!  With almost 20 ingredients all playing a unique role, we reckon we’ve got a uber gin recipe on our hands.

The result is fun, fresh and very, very drinkable.

And the aroma is going to knock your socks off.

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